Janet Moreno M: 0431827723
General Manager, Recruitment Specialist 
Janet is the founder of WTS Recruitment.
She holds a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master degree in Human Resources. She is very passionate about fair access to health services for the community and in helping individuals to reach their goals and potential in their individual careers.
WTS Recruitment was born after recognising there was a need for pharmacists to serve the community, especially in rural locations, and at the other end pharmacists needing assistance in finding the right positions according to their preferences, values and goals. Janet has great knowledge and experience in human resources and the pharmacy industry itself. She enjoys supporting pharmacy owners in their efforts of finding the right candidates that will only add value to their companies, and likewise assisting talented pharmacists in finding the right positions for them. Janet’s extensive experience allows her to tailor the recruitment services for the very specific needs each business may have.
Nilda Stefanini Wilson 
Recruitment  Consultant

Nilda started working in WTS Recruitment in 2018. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources.  She has extensive experience in human resources in various industries including the education industry, hospitality and in the last couple of years in the pharmacy industry.

Nilda has lived in different countries and therefore has managed to develop exceptional interpersonal skills which allow her to easily approach people from different walks of life.

Nilda finds an exceptional opportunity in the pharmacy industry to keep connecting with incredible professionals while helping them to find their dream jobs. She finds great personal  satisfaction when the needs of clients and candidates are completely fulfilled.

Andrea Zevallos
Recruitment  Consultant /  Advertising  Specialist

Andrea completed a Bachelor of Business Management majoring in advertising  and furthered her studies with a Master of Digital Communication. She has a very special interest in marketing and human resources and is a very committed person with her goals. 
Andrea has a strong multicultural background which combined with her vibrant personality enable her to easily connect with persons from different backgrounds. She enjoys liaising with pharmacy owners and candidates likewise to get to know their needs, preferences and requirements and assist them better. Andrea is an advocate of customer satisfaction and enjoys matching the right candidates with the right positions.

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